Challenging Batters and Physics Experts Alike


March 14, 2018

Pitch by Yankees’ Freddy Garcia Tests Physics Experts

“There was something else going on,” Nathan said. “The left-right movement wasn’t determined primarily by the spin; it was determined by something else.” Over the next months, Nathan analyzed frame-by-frame replays of the pitch to record its spin and looked at PitchF/X data to gather any clues about its movement.

NBA, NBPA Announce Mental Wellness Program for Players

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have worked together to develop a mental wellness program for the league’s players. David Aldridge of shared news of the program Monday, noting it is “the product of almost a year of discussions between the league and union” and “will allow players to seek treatment and counseling outside of the framework of their individual teams, if they want.”

Assessments, Data, and Individualization

Individualization is seen as a must have with training programs. While this is good, it doesn’t come without some misunderstandings. We’ve touched on some of those issues before, but it sometimes seems like people get confused by what individualization means in relation to sports.

Analysis of Big Data in Gait Biomechanics: Current Trends and Future Directions

The increasing amount of data in biomechanics research has greatly increased the importance of developing advanced multivariate analysis and machine learning techniques, which are better able to…

Davidson students crunch data to find ways to prevent sports concussions

Kendall Thomas knows firsthand the steep physical price that elite athletes too often pay. A goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team at Davidson College, she has endured three major knee injuries during her soccer career and watched many teammates suffer concussions, which are prevalent in the sport.

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