CES 2018: Sports Tech’s Highlights


January 19, 2018

CES 2018: Sports Tech’s Highlights

In a keynote address at 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank brought out Michael Phelps to showcase three new models of its smart footwear while he talked up a future where apparel would not only read a wearer’s biometric data but make adjustments based on sweat levels.

K-Band Offers On-Field Communication To Hasten Baseball’s Pace Of Play

While watching a New York Yankees game a few years ago, Ryan Clements was struck by how long reliever Dellin Betances was taking between pitches. To be fair, Betances habitually takes only a little longer than most big league pitchers, for whom a deliberate work rate has become an endemic issue affecting Major League Baseball’s pace of play.

SenseArena Virtual Reality Hockey Training Looks To Help Young Players

Ice hockey is undeniably one of the quickest sports where coaches currently rely heavily on on-ice drills with players to maximize their game intelligence, reflexes and performance. A company from the Czech Republic, SenseArena , is looking to help young players develop their skills, through a dedicate virtual reality training program.

Runtopia Reach Smart Running Shoes Make Data Tracking Easy

To track data while running, users often have to bring their phones and/or strap on a wearable device. With Runtopia Reach smart running shoes, you can leave that all behind and still collect data. With a smart tracking chip embedded in the insole of one of the shoes, data can be tracked and then transferred to the Runtopia companion GPS-based app for analysis and sharing.

OpenField: The Software A Team Needs

OpenField is a cloud-based methodical platform that possesses unparalleled flexibility accommodating professionals report and demonstrate the data in a manner that suits them the best and the needs of their organization. OpenField allows you to take things your way by customizing your own dashboards and styling your own layouts.

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