Catapult Launches Prosumer Wearable PLAYR with SmartCoach


June 6, 2018

Catapult Launches Prosumer Wearable PLAYR with SmartCoach

Catapult’s OptimEye tracking devices are the most widely worn by professional athletes, with data primarily collected during training for use by sport scientists. While developing its new wearable aimed at sub-elite soccer players-called PLAYR and released on Wednesday-Catapult flipped the use case, building a tracker with only the athlete in mind.

Tackling a triathlon: Speedo swim coach Dan Bullock on wearables and training

It’s just a couple of months until Team Wareable takes on the AJ Bell London Triathlon (the relay version, that is). Executive editor James is on running duty, resident bike-lover Conor will be taking the cycling leg and I’ll be pulling on my wetsuit and getting into the water for the swimming.

7 Career-Saving Strategies for Sport Concussion Management

The concussion crisis is real, and it’s going to take everyone involved in sport to help athletes get better or, if possible, not get a traumatic brain injury at all. In this article, Coach Valle presents seven key strategies for managing a TBI, and strives to ensure that those not appreciating the severity of the problem still value its management process.

The Pitfalls of 2D “Biomechanical” Analysis

Everyone wants to do what they can to prevent baseball injuries. With the increase in different technologies (wearable technology and high-speed cameras) and decreases in prices, there has been a shift in what coaches and players can do to examine their performances.

‘It cannot be ignored’: Runners spread awareness about eating disorders in their sport

Whenever Alexis Fairbanks lost a race, she would look at the girls who finished ahead of her and think: They were smaller, thinner – they had the ideal runner’s body type, of course they beat me. And each time this happened, Fairbanks went home convinced that to be successful in running – a sport defined by seconds – she needed to lose weight.

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