California Department of Public Health Investigating DNA Test Kits


January 10, 2018

California Department of Public Health Investigating DNA Test Kits

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is featured on an Orig3n DNA test that claims to analyze genes associated with football greatness, and while the company has long partnered with the team, its DNA tests have come under scrutiny.

Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Reconditioning with Doug Kechijian

Physical therapist Doug Kechijian is a nationally certified paramedic, and has trained and conducted missions with elite military units as a U.S. Air Force pararescueman. We talk to him about topics on the rehabilitation, restoration, and reconditioning of athletes, including the military’s influence on sports training, the integration of medicine and performance, pain science, postural restoration, and the role of medical imaging.

Xampion Creates Soccer Boot Sensors To Measure Player Performance

Over 160 years ago, shoes, and by extension, sportswear was revolutionized. A shoemaker, Lyman R.Blake became the first to invent a machine for sewing the soles of shoes to the uppers. However, a Finnish company wants to merge the trusty sole with technology to bring soccer analytics into the 21st century.

Prevent Biometrics Announces Commercial Launch of Head Impact Monitor System

Newest technology showcased at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas LAS VEGAS (Jan. 9, 2018) – Prevent Biometrics, the Cleveland Clinic spinoff that created the first and only head impact monitoring technology to accurately detect potential concussioncausing impacts in real time, announces its newest innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show today: the Gen 1.2 Head Impact Monitor System, bringing advanced, never-beforeavailable head impact analytic capabilities to schools, associations, teams and coaches.

Cricket Australia Partners With Catapult For Live Wearable Data Broadcast

Catapult is continuing to bring its wearable data to live sports broadcasts with the tech company’s latest partnership with Cricket Australia on a nine-match agreement. The statistics gleaned from Catapult’s GPS devices will be presented in the sponsored Gatorade Tracker during Channel Nine coverage that began with the recently completed fifth test of the Ashes series between Australia and England.

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