Brain Health and Performance: Why the Brain Matters Beyond What We Consider



May 19, 2017

Brain Health and Performance: Why the Brain Matters Beyond What We Consider – SimpliFaster

While brain health has a huge impact on our quality of life, not enough coaches and trainers understand the brain’s influence, including the way it affects sports performance. Noted sports scientist and clinical sport psychologist Dr. John Sullivan talks to Freelap USA about things that affect performance, including brain health, sleep, and other psychological factors.

TritonWear Yearns To Make Swimming Better Than Ever – Sports Wearable

TritonWear is another swimming wearable which has made its motive to make athletics and swimming better than ever. The technology promises to help swimmers better coach and understand various techniques. TritonWear is a unique wearable that has the ability to track 15 important metrics of swimmers.

The NFL’s Latest Concussion Headache

The sport of football had a teaching moment arise this week from an unexpected place-and the lesson seemed to go nowhere. Supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen, the wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, told the CBS Morning Show that her husband had endured a concussion last season, an admission that raised eyebrows because there was no report of such an injury.

How to Improve Monitoring Compliance With Athletes – SimpliFaster

Nearly ever coach is wondering how to improve compliance from athletes, especially for monitoring. Read this article a few times and refine the monitoring process so that you yourself would intrinsically enjoy it. In the end, how much you want and believe in the data you collect will dictate what you get back from athletes.

How ShotTracker Plans To Bring Hoops Analytics Technology To The Youth Level And Beyond

CHICAGO -Davyeon Ross, co-founder and COO of ShotTracker, recently presented the ShotTracker TEAM technology to a group of youth basketball coaches and influencers. ShotTracker’s TEAM technology tracks ball and player movement in real-time through shoe mounted sensors, tech-filled basketballs, and ceiling monitors.

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