Brain Game Next Frontier in Sports


August 21, 2018

Brain game next frontier in sports | The Star

Defining and measuring athletic greatness, if you’re looking beyond stats and championships, is never easy. Consider the case of Steve Nash and Steph Curry. They’re both two-time MVPs of the NBA, a league mostly dominated by genetically freakish giants. And yet they’re both listed at an unassuming six-foot-three, appearing to be everymen in nearly every way.

Improve creativity by applying the principles of differential learning | Skill Acq Science

Creativity is an elusive topic in sport. Every sports fan enjoys watching a player do something out of the ordinary. But how can we train players to be creative (and successful!)? Is it even possible? The concept of differential learning is well suited to creativity.

K-Motion Introduces Graves Golf-Powered Single Plane 3D Swing Coach

Canadian pro golfer Moe Norman was known for his ability to hit dead straight shots time after time. Now a new wave of golfers may be able to be able to learn Norman’s legendary swing thanks to a new partnership between K-Motion and Graves Golf.

Smart Mouth Guard Senses Muscle Fatigue

During intense exercise-sprinting, for example-your body breaks down glucose and produces what’s called lactate. That substance can build up faster than it can be further processed. If your idea of a workout is running to the refrigerator during commercials, you probably associate the lactate buildup with a burning in your muscles.

The Essential Guide to Continuing Education for Coaches – SimpliFaster

By Carl Valle I have easily invested six figures into continuing education over my career, and wasted half that money chasing the wrong conferences and popular seminars. Now that online options are growing, the trend is more frequently to buy videos on demand instead of making the trek out to a workshop or convention.

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