Big Read: Inside the Toronto Blue Jays High Performance Department



APRIL 11, 2017

Big Read: Inside the Toronto Blue Jays’ high performance department –

Steve Pearce was that guy in the gym. You know the one. Get in there, colonize the squat rack, throw some chalk on the bar, load up as many plates as that sucker will hold, and bang out some reps. Real man stuff. Teeth clenched, ass tight, neck veins bulging.

Penguins’ biometrics program helps alleviate injury woes

Along with all of their protective gear, the Penguins sometimes leave little rubbery black belts hanging from the stalls in their dressing room after practices. Nothing about the belts, which wrap around players’ chests when in use, visually suggests they’re as vital to safety and wellness as the nearby helmets, gloves, various pads and jock straps.

Catapult Sports Launches Consumer Product PLAYERTEK For Footballers

Sports wearable and data and analytics company Catapult Sports announced Monday it launched a consumer product PLAYERTEK for footballers. According to Catapult, the player-tracking pod is the world’s first GPS-enabled performance wearable on the market for amateur footballers.

Marshawn Lynch Partners With Bionic Gloves To Launch Beast Mode Football, Fitness Gloves

Marshawn Lynch is partnering with Bionic Gloves to help users like him hang onto footballs with the Beast Mode Football Gloves. A hand specialist designed the new Beast Mode Football Gloves for skill positions with patented natural fit technology for comfort, fit and performance, according to Bionic Gloves.

Sportstech startup LeverEdge Sports wants to help rugby league clubs make sense of player performance data – Startup Daily

In the 15 years since Moneyball was published, much of the team sports world has changed the way it looks at and talks about athletes and their performance. Advanced stats now influence the way players are signed and teams fielded, with the numbers also making their way into television broadcasts and newspaper game reports.

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