Baseball’s Data Revolution Is Elevating Defensive Dynamos




APRIL 18, 2017

Baseball’s Data Revolution Is Elevating Defensive Dynamos

He added: “And defense is certainly one of those things.” It has not always been so. Until recently, baseball executives might have thought they knew good defense when they saw it, but they had little data to work with.

Ph.D. To Product: deCervo’s Neuro Approach To Hitting Getting Ready To Pay Dividends

Co-founders Jordan Muraskin and Jason Sherwin’s business venture is a well documented brainchild – a neuroscientific blueprint to the cognition of hitting a baseball. Now the duo’s niche platform with a Ph.D. premise is growing up, but not quite dumbing down. deCervo is becoming a product.

NFL Players Fight Back Against Their Own Concussion Lawyers

In the months since the NFL settled a billion-dollar class-action concussion lawsuit with over 20,000 former players, a new battlefront has emerged: plaintiffs fighting to keep what still amounts to a minimal payoff from ending up in the pockets of their lawyers.

High-tech football helmet startup Vicis raises more cash as NFL, NCAA seasons approach

Vicis continues to raise more cash as the Seattle startup revs up production of its high-tech football helmet. The company announced today that it has reeled in an additional $1.2 million as part of a convertible note. It previously raised $4 million as part of the same note in January.

Learn How To Dribble Like Streetball Player ‘The Professor’ With #GotHandles VR Experience

With HTC Vive controllers and a virtual reality headset, you will be able to compete head to head with notable streetballer The Professor in his #GotHandles virtual reality game.

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