Baseball’s CBA Bans Wearable Data From Arbitration, Commercial Use




July 31, 2017

Baseball’s CBA Bans Wearable Data From Arbitration, Commercial Use

Major League Baseball and the Players Association publicly released on Friday the latest collective bargaining agreement, which includes provisions banning the use of data garnered by wearable technology for commercial use or for admission in salary arbitration.

An Olympic Coach on How to Train Smarter, Not Harder | Heleo

“Gritting your teeth, while it’s glamorized, is probably one of the worst things that you can do.” Steve Magness is a performance coach and lecturer who trains nearly 20 professional runners, including Olympians. As a high school runner, he ran a mile in 4:01, which at the time ranked him as the #1 high school runner in the country, #6 all time, and #3 in the world.

Why Sports Medicine and Strength and Conditioning Need to Align – Sparta Science – Trust in Results™

I recently had a conversation with a Strength and Conditioning Coach where he stressed the importance of getting support from his Sports Medicine staff. While in most organizations the Performance and Medical staffs work closely, there is a growing realization of the importance of creating great relationships between these two disciplines.

Head injuries part 2: What makes a tackle risky? | The Science of Sport

In Part 1, I explained the principle behind trying to understand how head injuries happen in rugby, as well as the first important findings of our study, which were a) that the tackle is both the most numerous and riskiest match activity in rugby, and b) that the tackler has a higher propensity for head injury than the ball carrier.

Sports science – the next frontier – comes to high school sports

CLOSE Learn about the Sports Science football combine that visited Lawrence Central High School recently, and how it could change the way high school athletics are evaluated by partnering behavioral psychology with physical assessment. Jenna Watson/IndyStar John Lewis reported to Lawrence Central on Wednesday morning with the rest of his underclassmen football teammates with little idea of what to expect.

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