Baseball All-Star Carlos Correa is Using Tech to Raise His Game



July 11, 2017

Baseball all-star Carlos Correa is using tech to raise his game

Three months ago, Houston Astros All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa flat out told me he was going to have a breakout season and tech was going to play a big role. I was expecting an endorsement pitch during a quick call about how he uses Blast Motion, a baseball bat sensor designed to help everyone from little leaguers to middle-aged softball players improve their swings.

Baseball Is Bringing Sports Analytics to the Forefront

What can data analytics tell a major league baseball team? These days, pretty much everything. In early May, when veteran outfielder Curtis Granderson was struggling with a batting average that had dropped to .122, the New York Mets kept him in the lineup. “That night, Granderson doubled twice to snap a 3-for-49 slump.

NFL Use Of VICIS Starts With Investor, Seattle Seahawks’ Doug Baldwin

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin is looking to help VICIS, the Seattle-based technology company poised to have its helmet make an impact in the NFL, change and perhaps save the game of football.

Tracking jump count got me to the Olympics (FREE)

It’s no secret that females are more prone to lower extremity injuries than their male counterparts. This simple fact of life is due to differences in their anatomical structure. At every tournament, we all see the countless young girls walking around with ice, knees wrapped and ankles barricaded with added support.

Can You or Your Athletes Beat your Test? – Sparta Science – Trust in Results™

One of the biggest reasons we chose vertical jump as our test that generates the Sparta signature is that it is homoscedastic. As discussed in the previous post, that is a complicated way of saying that the way that we use vertical jump (in the test) makes it just as reliable a measurement tool for a …

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