Australian Sports Scientists Making Their Mark on the NBA


March 13, 2018

Australian sports scientists making their mark on the NBA

Updated March 13, 2018 16:18:36 Australians have had a huge impact on the NBA this season – largely due to the performances of Philadelphia rookie Ben Simmons – but off the court, a broader and more subtle influence is also being felt.

On Mount Everest, the world’s highest lab is uncovering the secrets of extreme fitness

On May 23, 2007, Professor Mike Grocott and his team of climbers – eight medical researchers, two cameramen shooting a documentary and 15 Sherpas carrying equipment or guiding the climb – were 300 metres from the summit of Mount Everest when they hit a big problem.

SwimAR is smartening up swimming goggles with Sony’s holographic tech

Like all good wearable tech ideas, SwimAR was born out of the frustration of not having a solution to a problem. In the case of creative engineering and product design studio Imagination Factory, that problem was when its co-founder Julian Swan was training for his first triathlon around five years ago.

Electromyography Science for Performance and Rehabilitation – SimpliFaster

The ability to understand EMG research and apply the science is invaluable when making decisions on exercise selection and other choices in training and rehabilitation. This guide includes instructions on performing your own EMG experiments, as well as determining when you need additional instrumentation or expertise to analyze the collected data.

Golden State Warriors Use Eye-Sync For Fatigue, Not Just Concussions

When the Golden State Warriors’ head of sports medicine, Chelsea Lane, first approached assistant general manager Kirk Lacob in the front office with a new device last summer, she explained that Eye-Sync would help the team quickly and objectively assess whether a player might be suffering from concussion symptoms. The Warriors had endured a few instances in recent playoffs when they weren’t sure of a player’s readiness and were always looking to improve upon the NBA’s defined protocol for evaluation.

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