At 69, This Coach Lives on the Front Line of Baseball’s Revolution


June 4, 2018

At 69, This Coach Lives on the Front Line of Baseball’s Revolution

extra bases As the pitching coach for the Houston Astros, the most data-driven team in the game, Brent Strom has embraced the era of analytics in a way that many members of his generation have not. A hazard of baseball’s data revolution is the risk of minimizing experience.

5 things to remember for summer workouts

By Joe Eisenmann, PhD This blog serves as a follow-up to a recent tweet, and allows for the opportunity to expand a bit on each key tenet or basic principle of strength and conditioning. Summer offers a two-month window to focus on training and conditioning for many high school coaches & athletes.

The Top 8 Isometric Exercises for Strength and Speed

Isometrics have a lot of potential for performance and rehabilitation, but there are a lot of important details to consider before inserting them into a training program. This article presents eight of the top isometric exercises for strength and speed development, the science behind them, and practical advice for coaches.

6 Top Circuit Training Workouts for Sport

By Carl Valle The research on circuit training isn’t great, but it does show that circuits provide a wellness benefit for athletes, and I’ve become a big fan. I now appreciate the need for training that supports higher intensity work outside of light conditioning, running, and the similar.

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