Artificial Intelligence Company Trace Gets Investment From Intel Capital



October 26, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Company Trace Gets Support From Intel Capital

As winter fast approaches, skiers and snowboarders are priming their equipment and getting ready to hit slopes across the United States, they’re bringing a sensor, companion app and artificial intelligence along for the ride. Trace, which provides these solutions, may be getting a boost thanks to a sizable investment by Intel Capital, it was announced Thursday.

Kacyvenski Joins Star-Studded Event at Gillette

Kacyvenski attends inaugural new business society’s Champions Circle networking event supporting the The Joe Andruzzi Foundation.

Shock Doctor And NBA Gear Up To Promote The Use Of Mouthguard – Sports Wearable

NBA has been active in promoting the use of wearable technology in sports and during professional leagues too. This has led to the use of wearable tech in professional games like MLB and Australian cricket. This time, the league has partnered with Shock Doctor, a mouthguard technology company, to promote the use of mouth guards …

Why the Step-Up Exercise Is the Biggest Enigma in Sports Training – SimpliFaster

No other exercise has had so much success with adoption but so little useful research on its effectiveness and execution as the step-up exercise. Using the resources available and input from other coaches, Coach Valle analyzes the step-up for purpose and outcome, and presents a decision on whether it’s a worthwhile investment or not.

Garmin Has A Bat Sensor That Can Help Baseball And Softball Players

A lot goes into swinging a bat – swinging it correctly, that is. Every level of the game has become increasingly dependent on analytics like launch angle, exit velocity, bat speed, etc. For refined mechanics you need access to those numbers. That’s why Garmin has created Impact, a bat-swing sensor that instantly delivers metrics and feedback on a swing.

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