Arizona Cardinals Add ‘Great Invention’ Mobile Virtual Player Dummies To Improve Tackling




APRIL 20, 2017

Arizona Cardinals Add ‘Great Invention’ Mobile Virtual Player Dummies To Improve Tackling

So the team is returning to the fundamentals, using remote controlled tackling dummies in offseason workouts and later in the fall to help players refine what head coach Bruce Arians calls “a lost art.”

GAINcast Episode 61: The Future of Periodization (with John Kiely)

John Kiely is one of the leading minds in periodization. By taking a critical look at current approaches to periodization, he is asking how we can move the field forward to keep up with what science and leading coaches have learned.

Will a Bad Night’s Sleep Before a Race Affect Performance?

Written by Coach Jeff It was my first conference championship in cross country, arguably the most important team event in college running, and I was a nervous wreck. As a freshman, I was being counted on for a great run. I had never experienced pressure like that before.

Blast Motion Introduces Blast Softball 360, Partners With National Pro Fastpitch League

Sports wearable company Blast Motion expanded its product offerings to now include Blast Softball 360 and other Blast Connect football services. The technology integrated with the former product is the same as the Official Bat Sensor Technology for the MLB, a partnership that was announced last June.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Does Not Affect Lower Extremity Muscle Strength Training in Healthy Individuals: A Triple-Blind, Sham-Controlled Study

The present study investigated the effects of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on lower extremity muscle strength training in 24 healthy participants. In this triple-blind, sham-controlled study, participants were randomly allocated to the anodal tDCS plus muscle strength training (anodal tDCS) group or sham tDCS plus muscle strength training (sham tDCS) group.

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