Are Closed Change of Direction Drills Useful for Developing Agility?


April 30, 2018

Are Closed Change of Direction Drills Useful for Developing Agility?

While most coaches have similar training protocols for strength, power, speed, and endurance, agility is a different story. Cameron Josse does a deep dive into the meaning of agility, specifically for field- and court-based team sport athletes, and considers the usefulness of closed change of direction drills to develop this essential attribute.

Sleep Science – Development of the athlete sleep behavior questionnaire: A tool for identifying maladaptive sleep practices in elite athletes

INTRODUCTION: Existing sleep questionnaires to assess sleep behaviors may not be sensitive in determining the unique sleep challenges faced by elite athletes. The purpose of the current study was to develop and validate the Athlete Sleep Behavior Questionnaire (ASBQ) to be used as a practical tool for support staff working with elite athletes.

Chronic Psychological Stress Impairs Recovery of Muscular… : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

recovery of muscular function and somatic sensations: perceived energy, fatigue, and soreness, in a 4-day period after a bout of strenuous resistance exercise. Undergraduate resistance training students (n = 31; age, 20.26 ± 1.34 years) completed the Perceived Stress Scale and the Undergraduate Stress Questionnaire, a measure of life event stress.

Stuart Hogg: Scotland full-back says sports psychology ‘made me a better player’

Scotland full-back Stuart Hogg says he is a firm believer in sports psychology and believes it has made him a “better player and a better person”. Glasgow attack coach Jason O’Halloran says the mental side in Scotland is “not done particularly well” and “where New Zealand was at 20 years ago”.

How the Phillies are using analytics to steal more bases

Jose David Flores, the Phillies’ new first-base coach, folds a sheet of paper before each game and tucks it into the back pocket of his uniform pants. The coach has overseen a dramatic shift this season in how the Phillies approach baserunning.

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