Analyzing The Timeline of Jordan McNair’s Final Workout


October 1, 2018

Analyzing the timeline of Jordan McNair’s final workout

Analyzing the timeline of Jordan McNair’s final workout – The Diamondback At a Maryland football team workout May 29, offensive lineman Jordan McNair suffered heatstroke, didn’t receive proper treatment from training staff and was taken to the hospital, where he died 15 days later.

Arthur Lydiard: The Father of Modern Training

Arthur Lydiard is often thought of as the father of modern distance running. His training information is widely available, but often times misunderstood. People often make the mistake of equating Lydiard to Long Slow Distance. While his training has changed throughout history, it’s would be beneficial to look back and see what “original” Lydiard training looked like.

Dr. Mitch Lomax on Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue (IMF) in Swimming

I’m a Sport and Exercise Scientist and a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology at the University of Portsmouth, UK. I gained both my PhD (2007) and MSc (with distinction, 2001) from Brunel University, UK, and my BSc (Hon) from Luton University (1998).

A critical look at a constraints-led approach to training

Anyone reading HMMR media this month will be well informed on the work of Frans Bosch. Bosch is perhaps the world’s leading proponent of constraints-led learning and applying complex systems theory in the realm of athletic development, as he detailed in his book.

Skipping Drills: The Missing Link From Your Speed Workouts

Skipping isn’t just a fun thing young kids do. It’s actually one of the easiest and most important ways to learn or improve your sprinting technique and get faster. Most of us have skipped at some point in our lives. But have you ever really studied what goes on in the movement?

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