Analyze Individual Athlete Data To Get The Most Out Of Your Team


February 15, 2018

Analyze Individual Athlete Data To Get The Most Out Of Your Team

In a highly competitive, peak-level athletic landscape in which injury prevention and career longevity have become critical to championship-level success, Polar has emerged as an industry leader in performance tracking technology. As top-level athletes strive to remain in-tune with how their bodies react to, respond to and recover from intensive training ­- both in-season and out – Polar’s Team Pro system and accompanying wrist units, can be a game-changer.

Predicting a hamstring injury: Can it be done?

THERE is still not enough information available to put a serious dent in the AFL’s most common injury, says the author of a new study into predicting hamstring strains. The AFL’s 2016 injury report shows inroads are being made into reducing hamstring setbacks, but the issue still costs footballers far more matches than any other ailment.

Exercise Progression: How Much, How Fast, and Why It’s Important – SimpliFaster

By Jacques Devore Overload/Adaptation. We all know what it means, but not enough attention gets paid to either. This article will talk about the overload part of the relationship and how to manage progressions to optimize time and performance improvements. Are you familiar with the story of Milo?

Could This Gadget Zap Your Brain to Improve Lifting?

Strength athletes hear a lot about how they need to perfectly perform every one of their reps to create and enforce the right neural pathways involved with the lift. But what if there were a device that could further stimulate those neural pathways, making it easier to learn form and maintain it at high intensities?

The Top 10 Strength and Conditioning Books to Read in 2018 – SimpliFaster

There’s a chance you haven’t read some of these strength and conditioning books, as they are a mix of newer and older texts. But don’t let their age or popularity stop you from adding them to your reading pile this year, as each of these 10 books has something to offer both an experienced coach and a coach just starting out.

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