Analytics Are Here to Stay in NFL, But Interpreting Flood of Information Remains Challenge


March 9, 2018

Analytics are here to stay in NFL, but interpreting flood of information remains challenge

CLOSE This looks like the dawn of an analytics revolution in the NFL. Sure, they’ve had a place on pro football landscape’s for years, even if the Cleveland Browns proved that Moneyball looks much better on paper … or in baseball.

Mapping the Future of Sports with Artificial Intelligence

Sports events fascinate and charm millions of people around the world, whether it is one of the Grand Slams, the UEFA Champions League, or the Olympics. But in the backstage, there’s a number of things, with technology at the top, that make those events brighter and smarter.

Why Do We Care About Launch Angle?

By now, you are probably sick of hearing the words “launch angle”. I assure you, you are not alone. On a recent spring training broadcast, Twins radio announcer Dan Gladden noted that more teams are ” teaching launch angles ” but the practice has been out for several years.

Football Periodization: Review and Opinions – Complementary Training

I recently joined my old club FK RAD as S&C coach, helping them with the pre-season. Having the skin in the game again, it made me realize that there are a lot of things that struggle me and I don’t have a clear checklist for dealing with them.

Auburn Using Advanced Motion-Capture To Research ACL Prevention

The challenge of an ACL tear is twofold. There’s the immediate surgery and yearlong rehab that’s plainly visible when an elite athlete is stricken, but research has shown that roughly half of patients suffer persisting problems in the knee years after the original injury.

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