Analysis | Analytics, Scouting, Money and Alex Cora: How 2018 Red Sox Became One of History’s Great Teams


November 1, 2018

Analysis | Analytics, scouting, money and Alex Cora: How 2018 Red Sox became one of history’s great teams

The team’s World Series win comes at the end of a three-year cycle that began with a sudden and public disavowal of the analytics-based approach.

FlightScope’s New Radar Measures Throws by Track and Field Athletes

FlightScope has released a new 3D doppler tracking radar for track and field throwers called FlightScope Athletics.

These startups are applying new-age tech to make cricket more savvy

India is the world’s biggest cricket market in viewership, sponsorships and revenues. Now, startups are out to leverage this.

Why You Should Add Dashr to Your Speed Development Program – SimpliFaster

Proper timing is a key for any speed development program, and the Dashr system is simple and effective tool for timing athletes across a range of sports.

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