An Inside Look At How The NFL’s Zebra Tracking Data Gets Used


February 16, 2018

An Inside Look At How The NFL’s Zebra Tracking Data Gets Used

NEW YORK – After the New Orleans Saints became the first NFL team to use Zebra Technology’s radio-based tracking system during practices, the players became “very aware that they’re being tracked,” said former wide receiver Marques Colston. “We all knew we had an RFID tag in our shoulder pads,” he said on a panel during SportTechie’s State of the Industry event.

Concussions Can Be Detected With New Blood Test Approved by F.D.A.

One of the challenges of diagnosing concussions is that symptoms can occur at different times. In some people, they appear instantly, while in others they can show up hours or even days later. Symptoms also vary from person to person. Some experience sensitivity to noise, others lose their balance, and still others become sensitive to bright light.

Top 5 Sports Technology Trends For 2018 | Articles | Chief Technology Officer

2017 saw sports analytics develop in a number of exciting ways, and as the year draws to a close we look forward to 2018 to assess the up and coming trends

German Soccer Association To Use Beyond Sports’ VR For Training

The official authority of German soccer, the DFB, has announced that it will work with Dutch company Beyond Sports , which specializes in virtual reality and augmented reality player training and analysis. Beyond Sports offers soccer clubs a VR and AR training service, where players face ready-made in-game scenarios, or coaches’ tailor-made scenarios based off their own, real game data.

Technology, basketball merge in ‘Project Lammers’

In his endeavor to shape Georgia Tech basketball players into their strongest, most explosive and best conditioned selves, Dan Taylor has sought to profit from his colleagues who conduct groundbreaking research in science and technology. “A lot of schools don’t have the ability to say, ‘Well, let’s just go to the biomechanics lab,'” said Taylor, the Yellow Jackets’ strength-and-conditioning coach for men’s basketball.

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