AI Will Change How Sports Are Strategized



November 24, 2017

AI Will Change How Sports Are Strategized

Another human has lost to the descendants of Deep Blue. First, world champion Garry Kasparov lost to IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer in chess in 1997. Then Jeopardy’s all-time consecutive show winner Ken Jennings succumbed to IBM’s Watson computer system in 2010. Recently, Go’s “best player” Ke Jie was soundly by a computer system called AlphaGo powered by DeepMind.

Geek of the Week: Lorena Martin brings edge to Seattle Mariners as physical and mental data guru

If baseball is a numbers game, who better to have on your team than a true data geek? For the first time in team history, the Seattle Mariners have hired a Director of High Performance. For Lorena Martin, it’s the next step in a life and career rooted in sports and understanding the physical and mental connections necessary to perform at an elite level.

It’s time to rethink your agility training by Ivan Jukić

Ivan Jukić is finishing his Master’s degree at the University of Zagreb, Croatia where he also works as a personal trainer and S&C coach for soccer. He is currently an Applied Sport Science Intern at Athletic Lab.]

Tool Seduction: Why Humans are More Important than Hardware – Sparta Science – Trust in Results™

Some of the best practitioners in the world in their fields rely very little on hardware and software solutions. They instead trust years and years of “in the trenches” experiences, intuition, mistakes made and learned from, advice from mentors, and even learn from experts in “unrelated” fields to excel in their profession.

The Golden Dome Has Never Been Safer

Notre Dame’s storied football program announced this week that the Fighting Irish would be the first team to outfit the majority of its roster with the new VICIS Zero1 helmet, which received the highest safety marks in a joint NFL/NFLPA biomechanical study of 33 helmets.

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