AI Moving Into Pro Sports



October 2, 2017

AI Moving Into Pro Sports

Richard Zemel, an AI consultant for the Toronto Raptors, tells Axios that among things that could transform a season are forecasting an opposing team’s next play, or signaling whether, if you swap out one player for another, “we go on to win the championship.”

NFL Awards Funding To These 3 Football Protective Equipment Companies

2nd Skull, a company that creates protective skull caps for tough contact sports such as football and rugby, has received $100,000 in funding from the NFL as part of HeadHealthTECH Challenge II, it was announced Wednesday.

G-League Innovation From Gatorade Will Make Its Way To NBA

Gatorade getting involved with the NBA Development League gained attention for one reason: rebranding to the Gatorade League or G-League. The sports drink giant, however, had much more than naming rights in mind when it signed the deal. As part of the partnership, the G-League will be assisted by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

Is It Time for Coaches to Rethink Velocity-Based Training? – SimpliFaster

Much of the way velocity-based training tech feedback is utilized today is rather stale, uncreative, and possibly not very transferable. We need to be cognizant of conveniently blending the new VBT tech with the old methods. This scientific and coach-friendly article will help you train with a purpose instead of training within potentially flawed fundamentals.

India cricket’s back-end analytics team set to propose long-term plan for athletics – Times of India

CHENNAI: The presence of performance analysts has taken cricket to a new level over the past decade. Now, a top analytics company is making efforts to improve the performance of athletes in the country.

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