African Soccer Federation Supplies All 54 Teams With Catapult’s PlayerTek


November 14, 2018

African Soccer Federation Supplies All 54 Teams With Catapult’s PlayerTek

The African soccer federation will supply 2,650 PlayerTek GPS units to its 54 member countries under the terms of a new agreement announced on Wednesday by Catapult and the Confédération Africaine de Football. The CAF first explored a continental player tracking program earlier this year to supply its five World Cup qualifiers-Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Senegal-with a similar device from a different vendor, FieldWiz.

‘Right off the ice you can get a real-time coaching point’: what Catapult’s XOS brings to the NHL

Last month, the National Hockey League (NHL) announced a renewal of its video analysis collaboration with software company XOS, the brains behind the iBench software that all NHL teams used for the first time in the 2017/18 season.

Capture, Code, Analyse, Feedback – 4 Principles of Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis is still a new concept to most. Although everyone has heard about “it” and most people know that sporting teams “are doing it”. There still seems to be quite a lot of uncertainty about how exactly you implement “it” into your coaching structure.

Facilitating Optimal Injury Recovery – Competitor Running

There’s something oddly comforting about hearing the injury woes of other runners. It’s not that we ever wish an injury upon someone else or that we ever hope our fellow running tribe suffers the dreaded DNS due to injury, but sometimes it’s just helpful to know we aren’t in it alone.

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