Accenture Provides Qantas Wallabies With Game-Changing Performance Stats




September 26, 2017

Qantas Wallabies Dive Deeper Into Data With Accenture

The Australian Rugby Union has partnered with digital consulting firm Accenture to deliver an innovative statistics platform which aims to improve the way the national team, the Qantas Wallabies, perform both on and off the field.

Workout Plan to Increase Vertical Leap – T.J. – Halo Neuroscience

Why increase vertical leap? For the layperson, vertical leap just tells you how high you can jump. For top athletes, however, vertical leap tells a much more complete and impactful story - particularly when an athlete demonstrates the ability to improve vertical leap through dedicated training.

A whole new ball game: The impact of tech on sport

Progressive technology use in Formula One racing makes the sport a good case study to demonstrate the capacity challenge. F1 cars have been kept under close scrutiny for nearly 30 years thanks to telemetry. Introduced in the late 1980s, this technology has developed significantly , and today, each car has more than 120 sensors.

Brain-Protecting Q-Collar Technology Spreads Through Sports World

The most promising research into concussion prevention is inspired by human yawns, woodpecker tongues and mountain-dwelling rams. The manifestation of this work is the novel Q-Collar, a device worn around the neck that works by enhancing the brain’s own physiology by lightly compressing the jugular to increase blood volume in the skull.

MLB Advanced Media And Apple Team Up

SAN FRANCISCO – To the naked eye, nothing but green acreage surrounded San Francisco Giants outfielders Denard Span and Jarrett Parker. Through the lens of an iPad bearing baseball’s new augmented reality feature, however, the image changed: rings surrounded each player, indicating their usual defensive range.

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