Aaron Hernandez Found To Have Had CTE



September 22, 2017

Aaron Hernandez Found To Have Had CTE

An attorney for Aaron Hernandez and his estate announced today that researchers at Boston University found signs of CTE in the brain of the deceased former NFL player. Hernandez’s brain was sent to Boston University’s CTE center, considered the most comprehensive research lab for the degenerative brain disease.

Penn State’s James Franklin Monitoring Football Players’ Sleep With WHOOP

When you wake up on Saturday morning to watch your favorite college football team, you’re seeing the finished product. Those four quarters are the culmination of a lot more than a few practices throughout the week. To be your best, a delicate balance of study, nutrition, rehab and mental prep must be achieved.

Implementing High-Intensity Aerobic Energy System Conditioning for Field Sports – SimpliFaster

Much research is now focused on Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS). Research shows that the amount of time spent at or above the 100% Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) appears to be the critical factor for improving aerobic power.

Sports science guru David Tenney creates void as big as his legacy in leaving Sounders for NBA

Sounders performance and fitness director David Tenney has left the team and taken an NBA job with the Orlando Magic after nine years of innovative work in soccer Share story He’d tell coaches exactly how hard they could push a player in practice. Or, how early they should pull another off the field during a game.

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