A New Launching Point


March 28, 2018

A new launching point

None of it made sense to J.D. Martinez. In his third year in the major leagues with the Houston Astros, his numbers were getting worse and his playing time was dwindling. Physically, Martinez resembled a power hitter, yet too often, he was making weak contact.

A Journey Through the History of Football Technologye

Brits have long been celebrated as the inventors of modern day football, although some would argue that its origins can be traced as far back as ancient China. Regardless, it’s fair to say that football has travelled bounds ever since the early days of a ball and a group of players on a field.

Ultimate Guide to Long Term Athletic Development for Swimmers

performance of age-group swimmers depends from the interaction of several domains Anthropometrics & biological maturation, Genetics, Biomechanics & Motor control and Psychology are the main determinant factors There are available several straightforward and quick testing procedures for a coach monitor these determinant factors. Lately, we’ve posted articles on age-group swimmers breaking national age-group worldwide.

Is there a perfect foot strike pattern in running?

What is the foot strike pattern? If you divide the foot into three geometrically equal parts, you will call these sections rear- mid- and forefoot. Now, imagine to have a device that can tell you which of these three parts was the first to touch the ground at each step.

A Buyer’s Guide to Physiological Monitoring Platforms and Hardware – SimpliFaster

Physiological monitoring is an effective method of getting direct information on the way the body responds to the demands of sport, and monitoring athletes is now a staple in team training. We did the heavy lifting in this buyer’s guide to enable you to make the right choice in picking the right system.

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