A Decade In Kenya Turned Two Teens From New Zealand Into World-Class Runners


March 20, 2018

A Decade In Kenya Turned Two Teens From New Zealand Into World-Class Runners

The plan had seemed so simple when it was hatched in their mom’s basement. But as the plane was landing in Nairobi, the scabby ground growing closer, 18-year-old Zane leaned over to his twin brother and said, “Jake, what are we going to do?”

Spinning Out of Control

Every now and then, something occurs in a major-league game that just compels me to stop what I’m doing, switch gears, and go into analysis mode. It happened most recently in the top of the fifth inning of NLCS Game Five when Kris Bryant hit a fly ball to straightaway – but slightly on the left-field side of – center field.

Keeping Relief Pitchers Loose

In addition to preparing their pitchers for Opening Day, one of the biggest challenges that coaches face has gone largely unnoticed: establishing a way for relief pitchers to stay loose during a game so that they optimize their in-game performance. Without addressing this issue, relievers would often go 4+ hours between throws on a regular basis.

7 Philosophies on Increasing Vertical Jump Skill and Power

The goal of this article is to provide some philosophies and guidelines for those who are interested in the long-term process of sport mastery, and the journey of taking athletes to their best possible performance.

Guest Post: Andrea Hudy – Consistent force production = consistent performance – Sparta Science – Trust in Results™

Our guest post this week comes from Andrea Hudy and Dani Niemann at The University of Kansas. Hudy joined the Jayhawks in 2004, after a 9 year tenure at The University of Connecticut. In her time with the Jayhawks, 25 of her athletes have gone on to the NBA.

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