7 NBA Storylines To Watch This 2017-18 Season



October 16, 2017

7 NBA Storylines To Watch This 2017-18 Season

With the MLB playoff season in full bloom and the NHL season just starting to heat up, it’s time to shift to the NBA season. The NBA is one of the most tech-forward major leagues in the world, having long been considered one of the most experimental with new technologies such as virtual reality and mobile-based fan engagement.

Impressive San Francisco 49ers Rookie C.J. Beathard Has Been Using STRIVR

San Francisco 49ers rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard has put up impressive numbers this preseason. He has thrown 23 passes – three of which have gone for touchdowns and none for interceptions. From a progression standpoint, Beathard and other 49ers quarterbacks have made use of virtual reality.

Mi-Hiepa Scout Next Up To Use Virtual Reality To Improve Soccer Players

A new virtual reality technology has launched to help soccer teams not only spot new talent, but also improve player performance and mental sharpness during rehabilitation from injury. Mi-Hiepa Scout uses a limb tracking system that analyzes the movement of a player’s feet and shins in VR as is applied to individual drills.

Implementing Flexible Training Templates: Why and How

A flexible template can allow you to “flex” in lighter training days to avoid poor performance on a heavy day when readiness to train is low. Although the concept of a flexible template is simple, there are various ways and degrees of flexibility in which this can be implemented.

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