10 Tips to Help Athletes Control Their Emotions


February 19, 2018

10 Tips to Help Athletes Control Their Emotions

This article was provided by InnerDrive , is part 1 of a two part post. What does it take to really excel in the world of elite sport? The ability to deliver your best when it matters the most is a fundamental part of performing under pressure.

2018 Research Paper Finalists & Posters – MIT Sloan Analytics Conference

Description Download Full Paper Here Abstract: The task of extracting informative measures of talent for Major League Baseball (MLB) players has a surprising parallel in the field of natural language processing – the task of constructing useful word embeddings.

How to Master Horizontal Pressing Exercises for Sport – SimpliFaster

By William Wayland Countless people have written about the bench press, largely as a function of the fact it is a contested lift in powerlifting. Powerlifting’s approach to bench has had an enormous influence on weight room approaches the world over.

By The Numbers: Shorter hitters must improve other areas to catch big boppers

Talk long enough about sports statistics, and “Moneyball” invariably drifts into the conversation. For a lot of people, Michael Lewis’ 2003 book about the 2002 Oakland A’s baseball season, which became a movie starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, was an introduction to the world of sports analytics.

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