SF Giants Trying Halo Headphones to Get Back to World Series


APRIL 4, 2017

SF Giants trying Halo headphones to get back to World Series

Count the San Francisco Giants among the handful of pro sports teams admitting it’s using Halo Sport headphones. With Opening Day next week, the Major League Baseball club, which has won three World Series championships this decade alone, made its partnership with Halo public Wednesday.

NBA, MLB Players Discuss Favorite Training Technology, Best Social Media Follows

Two months ago, SportTechie asked seven NFL players about the piece of training technology that they could not live without along with their favorite social media platform and follows. We decided to branch out and ask players outside just football, including the NBA, MLS, MLB and golf.

Injuries Are the Biggest Problem in Pro Sports. This Startup Is Solving It

Phil Wagner is a man who believes in controlling his physiological responses, not letting them control him. Each night, he uses a technique called coherence training to harmonize his heart rate and breathing to maximize the restorative delta sleep phase.

The future of fighting sports concussions could be virtual reality

The National Football League kickoff game in September was the first time in nearly 40 years that the same teams who played each other for the previous Super Bowl championship faced off in the first week of the new season.

Wired up: Digital devices the rage in baseball

Baseball players are wired up. Yankees reliever Dellin Betances wears a sleeve around his elbow to measure stress on a ligament. Chris Coghlan spent spring training with the Phillies using a wrist band to check his sleep and recovery.


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