sillogoThe Sports Innovation Lab identifies and evaluates the technology products and services that will power the future of sports. We have developed a digital market research platform and a world-class advisor network to help guide how companies make strategic technology decisions.
Our digital research platform enables us to identify and monitor the evolution of sports and fitness technology trends across thousands of global companies. We’ve identified these trends as key areas of industry disruption: quantified athlete, smart venue, immersive media, next generation sponsorship, and eSports. Throughout 2017, we will be providing objective evaluations for products and services within each of these trends.
No one company innovates alone. The Sports Innovation Lab organizes events grounded in data analysis and market research so attendees can explore opportunities with new insights and greater clarity. From public startup showcases to private innovation breakfasts, we assemble the right content and experts to ignite our clients’ imaginations and jumpstart new initiatives.


logo-dar-homeDARI is the only markerless predictive human motion analytics system and the most advanced data management software for human movement in the world.

DARI leads the industry in 3D motion-capture biomechanical applications for human performance, musculoskeletal health and injury prevention. In a 10-foot-by-10-foot space, we install an easy-to-use motion-capture system with software that intelligently analyzes each movement and delivers real-time analytics so you can apply results within seconds. The powerful DARI Vault® performance analysis software uploads files to the cloud automatically and securely and generates a customized, easy-to-read report.

Every piece of human physics produced during movement is easily captured, processed and managed: the joint torque of an ankle during a vertical jump and the rotations of the femur and tibia about the knee during a squat. Every aspect of the biomechanics of human movement becomes instantly and easily quantifiable. In addition, DARI makes the information accessible and meaningful.

At each stage in our development, we found and overcame obstacles: too much data, the data cannot be processed quickly, the data is too hard to interpret, we can’t screen enough subjects in a day…

Rather than accept these problems, we focused on solutions.

With DARI, you can:

  • Capture biomechanical analysis sessions easily
  • Deliver motion-capture data quickly
  • Manage your data with DARI Vault® analysis software
  • The overriding concept behind DARI is that efficiency and precision lead to better performance, and better information leads to better decisions.

DARI is being used by corporate and employee wellness programs, sport and fitness professionals, the military and healthcare and rehabilitation professionals.


Athos LogoAthos builds stronger, faster and more explosive athletes using their revolutionary Athos Training System (ATS). ATS captures muscle activity and heart rate with seamless apparel integration and delivers real-time feedback along with post workout recommendations that improve athletes’ training and performance. Athos is the first company to provide actionable muscle activity data to athletes and coaches using a non-intrusive and integrated platform.


Vald Performance is a technology company with a specific focus on measuring human performance. Vald Performance is responsible for the NordBord Hamstring Testing System, the GroinBar Hip Strength Testing System and the HumanTrak Movement Analysis System.

Our systems provide allied health professionals, sports scientists and conditioning staff with evidence based insights into an individual’s performance and injury risk.

musclesound-logo1-300x138MuscleSound was formed in, 2011. The science behind MuscleSound was developed by Dr. Iñigo San Millán and Dr. John Hill when working with professional cyclists, they discovered that they could see glycogen through the use of everyday ultrasound. To further develop this breakthrough technology, Drs. San Millán and Hill teamed with Stephen Kurtz to build a delivery system to market their new product to potential customers.

Due to a passion for distance running and an interest in fitness and sports science, Mr.Kurtz was introduced to Drs. San Millán and Hill shortly after their discovery. Mr. Kurtz immediately saw the potential value in non-invasive muscle glycogen measurement and began exploring potential business applications. Kurtz and Drs. San Millán and Hill further advanced MuscleSound with the intention of selling this muscle glycogen technology to the sports and medical markets.

By developing software to read ultrasound images, MuscleSound was able to provide a customer ready product to the market in late 2013. In May and July of 2014 independent validation studies of MuscleSound (directly comparing to muscle biopsies to measure glycogen levels) were completed at Appalachian State University and the University of Colorado Medical Center. The publications of these two studies from highly reputable sources proved to be extremely valuable in gaining acceptance and legitimacy with the training and medical staffs of many professional, Olympic and collegiate sports teams.

In 2013, MuscleSound was issued three patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering the use of ultrasound to measure muscle glycogen and related proprietary software. The Company has also received US Trademarks protecting its name and visual depiction. In 2014 MuscleSound developed technology to measure body composition using ultrasound and has applied for a patent for this unique application.


Brain Vision LLC offers full-service solutions for neurophysiological research and is committed to providing end to end user solutions for research purposes.

Specializations include:
  • EEG/ERP software and hardware
  • EEG and fMRI compatible equipment
  • Stimulation devices and accessories

Catapult Primary logoCatapult enlightens sport with scientifically-validated analytics, obtained with the most advanced wearable technology in the world.

With precision engineering at the intersection of sports science and sports analytics, Catapult is an all-encompassing platform from the individual athlete to the front office. Catapult works with over 950 elite teams worldwide – around 85% of the elite wearable technology market, and a collection of the smartest coaches in sport.

Our mission is to innovate how information shapes athletic performance. We do that with scientifically-validated information that fuels the largest community in sports data.

With 17 patents in athlete monitoring, 98 independent research papers, and 64 engineers and scientists on staff, Catapult is the safe choice elite sport.

With over 250 metrics collated, Catapult’s powerful analytics engine enables personalised value for you in three key performance benefits: mitigating risk of injury, measuring readiness for competition, and quantifying return to play.

Catapult is engineered to find your athletes’ biomechanical fingerprints. Our sports scientists are here to help you find what those fingerprints mean. And make everything sport- and position-specific with intelligent algorithms.


Reach the more than 200 sports executives, coaches, trainers, researchers, and analysts who will attend the conference, all of whom are active buyers in the marketplace. For more information on sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, contact Greg Zaralides at gzaralides@sports-biometrics-conference.com.