Colorado Leads Pac-12 Concussion Research Initiative With EYE-SYNC



November 21, 2017

Colorado Leads Pac-12 Concussion Research Initiative With EYE-SYNC

As awareness of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries increase in sports, especially football, professional sports leagues have implemented protocols and standards designed to help teams keep their players from further harm. But what about colleges, where the risk is the same but the resources and standards are often different?

VICIS Begins Making ZERO1 Helmet Available To High School Players

VICIS is now making its top-rated Zero1 helmet widely available to high school players for the 2018 season through a newly opened online marketplace. The Zero1, which a joint NFL/NFLPA study deemed best for reducing head-impact severity, made its debut on NFL fields earlier this year, with high-profile players such as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and Seattle Seahawks teammates, quarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver Doug Baldwin, among the early adopters.

Courtmatics’ Smart Tennis Dampener Could Change Tennis Training

Many tennis players use a tennis dampener, a cheap piece of silicone that reduces the vibration of the strings and makes a smoother sound on contact with the ball. The dampener created by Courtmatics does a lot more.

I paid $300 for DNA-based fitness advice and all I got was junk science

In January of this year, I decided I would complete a half-marathon. I would push my body to the limit and be reborn as my best self. For months, I woke up at 6 to run before work, motivated by the promise of sweet endorphins and even-sweeter self-righteousness.

Athletes Are Paying the Physical Price of Playing College Sports



November 20, 2017

The Physiological Responses to Spring Football in College Players – SimpliFaster

A look at a recent research study conducted on American collegiate football players during spring camp. The study shows that a working strategy for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of HRV in American football is both possible and practical in a large team when short sampling times are used.

PA Radio – Episode 234: Scott Caulfield – Power Athlete™

Scott Caulfield [@CoachCaulfield] is one of the magnificent minds behind the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As Head S&C coach at the NSCA [@NSCAOfficial] flagship facility, he overseas the training of all athletes. Holding such a title puts Caulfield in the fortunate position to rub elbows with some of the top influencers in the field.

Muscle injury rate in professional football is higher in matches played within 5 days since the previous match

Background The association between match congestion and injury rates in professional football has yielded conflicting results. Aim To analyse associations between match congestion on an individual player level and injury rates during professional football matches. Methods Data from a prospective cohort study of professional football with 133 170 match observations were analysed with Poisson regressions.

What Does Velocity Within A Set Indicate About Training – By Kevin Carroll

Velocity-Based Training (VBT) conceptually seems to be very simple: the use of velocity measurements to gain daily feedback on training. However, are we OVER-simplifying the use of velocity for monitoring and coaching purposes? A look into the existing literature on VBT might indicate that things ar

Sixers’ team of NBA stats gurus is taking analytics to the next level




November 17, 2017

Sixers’ team of NBA stats gurus is taking analytics to the next level

Sam Hinkie joined the 76ers in 2013, and The Process began. Through Hinkie’s tenure, the team was lauded as on the forefront of the analytics movement in the NBA. His asset-collecting plan and statistical-based approach had basketball nerds standing in applause.

Russell Wilson’s brain trainer is the best in sports

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Researchers Confirm Nike’s “4%” Marathon Shoe Claim

Admittedly, it’s not the record they were originally planning for. But earlier this week, Nike’s controversial Vaporfly 4% shoes tagged along for their first world-record ride, when Oklahoma-based ultra star Camille Herron shattered the 100-mile mark at the Tunnel Hill trail race in Illinois. A four percent boost, as the name of the shoe promises?

Diamond Kinetics Will Debut Throwing Motion Sensor in 2018

The CEO of Diamond Kinetics, a leading bat-sensor company, said his company will release its first product that tracks the throwing motion in early 2018. While appearing on the SportTechie podcast this week, Diamond Kinetics’ co-founder and top executive, CJ Handron, told Bram Weinstein that its next offering would focus on improving arm action rather than swing path.

Do Functional Movement Screen (FMS) composite scores predict subsequent injury? A systematic review with meta-analysis

Aim This paper aims to systematically review studies investigating the strength of association between FMS composite scores and subsequent risk of injury, taking into account both methodological quality and clinical and methodological diversity. Design Systematic review with meta-analysis.