Aaron Hernandez Found To Have Had CTE



September 22, 2017

Aaron Hernandez Found To Have Had CTE

An attorney for Aaron Hernandez and his estate announced today that researchers at Boston University found signs of CTE in the brain of the deceased former NFL player. Hernandez’s brain was sent to Boston University’s CTE center, considered the most comprehensive research lab for the degenerative brain disease.

Penn State’s James Franklin Monitoring Football Players’ Sleep With WHOOP

When you wake up on Saturday morning to watch your favorite college football team, you’re seeing the finished product. Those four quarters are the culmination of a lot more than a few practices throughout the week. To be your best, a delicate balance of study, nutrition, rehab and mental prep must be achieved.

Implementing High-Intensity Aerobic Energy System Conditioning for Field Sports – SimpliFaster

Much research is now focused on Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS). Research shows that the amount of time spent at or above the 100% Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) appears to be the critical factor for improving aerobic power.

Sports science guru David Tenney creates void as big as his legacy in leaving Sounders for NBA

Sounders performance and fitness director David Tenney has left the team and taken an NBA job with the Orlando Magic after nine years of innovative work in soccer Share story He’d tell coaches exactly how hard they could push a player in practice. Or, how early they should pull another off the field during a game.

How NFL Football And Player Trackers May Permanently Change The Game




September 21, 2017

How NFL Football And Player Trackers May Permanently Change The Game

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – It was just the play that took the wind out of the New York Giants’ sails in their Monday night game against the Detroit Lions at MetLife Stadium.

Five Ways Technology Can Help the New York Mets Win the World Series (Next Year)

Q: How many New York Mets does it take to change a tire? A: One, unless it’s a blowout, in which case they all show up. They’ve done it again. Fans were hopeful at the start of the 2017 baseball season, but the New York Mets (or more formally, the Metropolitans) are now delivering the agony of defeat and the nil of victory.

Diamondbacks eyeing possibility of new game preparation tool

PHOENIX – Since the turn of the century, virtual technology has increasingly become the new reality. From gamers to journalists to healthcare workers, the real-world uses of VR technology are endless. Looking toward the near future, the Arizona Diamondbacks could implement virtual reality technology in a different capacity – as a resource for game preparation.

Tom Brady’s ‘The TB12 Method’ Is Hefty but Short on Science

At that moment, he writes, “My brain is thinking only lengthen and soften and disperse.” Mr. Brady attributes much of his unusually long N.F.L. career and the relatively little playing time he has lost to injuries to this kind of gnomic self-talk and his muscular pliability.

Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Sports

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the computer science capability that allows technology to imitate intelligent human behavior such as speech recognition, translating languages, interacting with the physical world through visual analysis and decision making. In the sports industry, artificial intelligence seeks to evolve technology in hopes to bring automation and increased data analysis to business decisions, sponsorship activations, ticket sales, athlete training and more.

STRIVR CEO Discusses Virtual Reality Training In NFL And College Football



September 20, 2017

STRIVR CEO Discusses Virtual Reality Training In NFL And College Football

This week’s guest on the SportTechie Podcast with Bram Weinstein is Derek Belch, Founder and CEO of STRIVR. Learn why Derek believes that if college and pro football teams are not using virtual reality training five years from now, no one will want to play for them.

Here Are The Latest NCAA Programs Partnering With Kinduct Technologies

James Madison University and North Carolina State University are the two latest schools to form partnerships with Kinduct, a leading data and analytics software provider, that will help the medical staffs, coaching staffs and athletes with additional information. JMU and NC State join schools like Louisville in this partnership, with the Cardinals and Kinduct joining forces back in 2016.

Athlete Monitoring & Frequency of Feedback by Mark Langley

A strength coach once defined his job as both imposing stress on athletes and managing it. We try to quantify this physical stress to reduce the incidence of injury and ensure the best possible outcomes of our training plans. By collecting the right data, you can draw general conclusions about

A Guide on Electrical Muscle Stimulation With Athletes – SimpliFaster

In the past, EMS was misunderstood and misused for a variety of reasons, including unclear and inconclusive research. But the last five years have witnessed a resurgence in EMS in sport, mainly due to its use by coaches and trainers Bill Knowles, Derek Hansen, and Henk Kraaijenhof.

The Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro: New Era of Samsung Wearables – Sports Wearable

Samsung again strikes with its latest wearable technology incorporating a wide variety of features ranging from robust fitness tracking, nutritional status monitoring, sleep tracking to motivational coaching. Designed to upgrade everyday lives of users and help them choose a healthy, balanced lifestyle; the new range of Samsung wearables supported by leading tech and fitness …