Penn Scores Exclusive Use Of Sparta Science Technology In Ivy League



October 18, 2017

Penn Scores Exclusive Use Of Sparta Science Technology In Ivy League

The University of Pennsylvania is about to gain a significant competitive advantage over its Ivy League peers, but not in a way most would expect. Instead of becoming better or more athletic, they’ll simply be much healthier. That’s because Penn recently signed a three-year exclusivity deal with Sparta Science, an injury management technology company, it was announced last week.

Boosting the Athletic Brain – From Nerve Cells to the Grey Matter – SimpliFaster

Sports nutrition has a clear problem-we need to do more than just ensure athletes get calories. We’re missing out on fueling for memory, speed, reaction time, vision, and longevity. DHA supplementation rewires the athlete so they can react quicker, increases visual processing speed, and serves as a neuroprotective shield for future brain, eye, and cardiovascular health.

Editorial: Mental health challenges in elite sport: Balancing risk with reward

Mental health is a global societal challenge. Sport, more specifically, elite sport, offers a potential window into the mental health challenges of young people. We initiated this research topic by proposing that explanations for mental health disturbance in sport predominantly based on training load (e.g.

Rutgers study finds female athletes at higher risk for concussions than their male counterparts | The Daily Targum

Researchers at Rutgers-Newark are studying the impact of concussions on female athletes after noticing that women suffer concussions at higher rates and experience more severe symptoms than men. The researchers, led by Dr. Carrie Esopenko of the Rutgers School of Health Professions, are not entirely certain why this is, but one theory has to do with neck strength.

Scouting Service Evaluates Football Recruits General Athleticism



October 17, 2017

On The Right Track: Scouting Service Evaluates Football Recruits General Athleticism

Before he became the NFL’s leading rookie sensation, Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt faced scouting report questions about his purportedly “average explosion” and “marginal downhill burst.” Though just a late third-round pick last April, Hunt has become the first player in league history to accrue at least 100 yards from scrimmage in each of his first six career games.

8 Breakthrough Concepts for Better ACL Return to Play Programs – SimpliFaster

By Carl Valle I’m new to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rehabilitation and have learned a lot over the last few months while working with some very smart physical therapists and athletic trainers. Although I’ve never had an athlete tear an ACL while under my care, I have had athletes come to work with me with previous ACL injuries.

Houston Dynamo link up with Kitman Labs

The football season can be a long and arduous one. With a minimum of 34 games played by each side, that’s without even the prospect of a further 4 if they’re fortunate enough make the playoffs, it can really take its toll on the players.

In-Season vs Off Season Training for Athletes | Sparta Science

As the television contracts continue to grow and the competitive seasons of sports get longer, the true “off-season training program” has all but become extinct. This phenomenon is not specific to college and professional athletes however; youth athletes feel more pressure to play year-round to help give them a chance to be “seen” and recruited.

High school football game ends after 9 players suffer head injuries

The coach of a Moncton high school football team said his team was forced to forfeit a game on Friday after several of his players suffered head injuries, resulting in at least four showing signs of concussion.

7 NBA Storylines To Watch This 2017-18 Season



October 16, 2017

7 NBA Storylines To Watch This 2017-18 Season

With the MLB playoff season in full bloom and the NHL season just starting to heat up, it’s time to shift to the NBA season. The NBA is one of the most tech-forward major leagues in the world, having long been considered one of the most experimental with new technologies such as virtual reality and mobile-based fan engagement.

Impressive San Francisco 49ers Rookie C.J. Beathard Has Been Using STRIVR

San Francisco 49ers rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard has put up impressive numbers this preseason. He has thrown 23 passes – three of which have gone for touchdowns and none for interceptions. From a progression standpoint, Beathard and other 49ers quarterbacks have made use of virtual reality.

Mi-Hiepa Scout Next Up To Use Virtual Reality To Improve Soccer Players

A new virtual reality technology has launched to help soccer teams not only spot new talent, but also improve player performance and mental sharpness during rehabilitation from injury. Mi-Hiepa Scout uses a limb tracking system that analyzes the movement of a player’s feet and shins in VR as is applied to individual drills.

Implementing Flexible Training Templates: Why and How

A flexible template can allow you to “flex” in lighter training days to avoid poor performance on a heavy day when readiness to train is low. Although the concept of a flexible template is simple, there are various ways and degrees of flexibility in which this can be implemented.