Fitness Wearable Primes Athletes’ Brains For ‘Hyperlearning’


January 17, 2018

Fitness Wearable Primes Athletes’ Brains For ‘Hyperlearning’

Data-collecting fitness wearables might inspire faster running or heavier lifting. But what about wearables that more directly boost performance by tapping into the brain as you work out? Halo Neuroscience cofounder Daniel Chao is targeting how the brain learns as the body moves.

Robot Table Tennis Tutor Debuts New AI Capabilities At CES 2018

Practice long enough with Omron Corporation’s AI-equipped robot table tennis tutor, FORPHEUS, and you’ll probably develop a wicked backhand shot. Despite its impressiveness as a teacher, helping you play better ping-pong isn’t Omron’s No. 1 goal for FORPHEUS. “What we’re trying to show is our vision,” Omron’s Automation Group Manager, Mike Chen, said.

The Ultimate Guide to Probiotics for Sport

While the data is still being collected on all parts of health and respective mechanisms to determine how probiotics work, there is enough research to support saying: Athletes should take a probiotic daily to get the extra edge in performance and health.

The FitBit-ization of VR and the future of youth sports | ZDNet

Sense Arena, a VR training company based in the Czech Republic, wants to give your kid the perfect slap shot. The startup, which has a booth at this year’s CES, is launching what it’s calling “the first truly interactive VR platform where you can train, measure, and analyze athletic performance.”

Adidas Launches Motion Capture-Designed Alphaskin Performance Wear


January 16, 2018

Adidas Launches Motion Capture-Designed Alphaskin Performance Wear

Adidas recently launched a new line of performance tech sportswear called Alphaskin, designed through a motion-capture system to identify areas where fabric might impede an athlete’s movements.

The Top 6 EMS Protocols for Sports Performance

Electrical muscle stimulation devices are well worth the investment when used in certain situations. This articles presents six specific protocols where e-stim will have the greatest benefit for athletes. It also contains Coach Valle’s “recipes” for EMS best practices for each protocol.

Training Density: How to Improve It and When to Leave It Alone

While CrossFit-style workouts continue to grow in popularity, training density remains a misunderstood concept by most athletes. This article helps the average coach gain an understanding of the way to connect work capacity and energy systems into a program, taking a more sophisticated approach to training density.

What supplements do scientists use, and why?

Supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry. But, unlike pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers don’t have to prove that their products are effective, only that they are safe – and that’s for new supplements only.

Aimee Willmott Publishes Dissertation on Swimming Performance

The struggle for balance between academics and athletics is a challenge every swimmer faces. English Olympian Aimee Willmott exemplifies how it is possible to excel in both. Last month Willmott, who studies at the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience at University of East London, had her dissertation published in The European Journal of Sports Science.

Samsung Gives Speedskaters SmartSuit Tech For Olympic Winter Games


January 15, 2018

Samsung Gives Speedskaters SmartSuit Tech For Olympic Winter Games

With the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games beginning next month, Samsung has revealed it has given two Dutch short track speedskaters access to the Samsung SmartSuit to try to help them win Olympic gold. A competitive form of speed-skating, short track speed competitions take place on an oval ice track of a circumference of just 364 feet.

Colorado Rapids appoint Chad Kolarcik as head of sports science & performance

Colorado Rapids Soccer Club announced today the hiring of Chad Kolarcik as the club’s head of sports science & performance. Kolarcik becomes the second technical staff hire this week after Fran Taylor was named assistant general manager on Wednesday. “Bringing in Chad is an important step for us

Chinese Basketball Association Partners With Beitai Digital On Data

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) will soon be receiving robust data solutions. A partnership has been formed making Beitai Digital the league’s official and exclusive data service provider. Beitai, an exclusive partner of Sportradar, will develop data products and services for the league and its fans.

Sport Science of Flywheel Resistance Training

Training with flywheels works scientifically and you can place it into a program practically. This article will present the science behind the way the body remodels from specific flywheel training, and instruct you on using a flywheel system more beneficially.

Exercise scientists should fight the exercise gurus

By Gladys Onambele-Pearson, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and Kostas Tsintzas, the University of Nottingham, UK Why is exercise physiology particularly prone to self-labelled gurus? It may have to do with the widespread use of social media and the rise in striving for a so-called ‘athletic’ looking body and ‘optimal’ eating.